Track & Facilities

Fowlerville Proving Ground’s test tracks are open year-round and meticulously maintained to ensure consistent, repeatable test results. Strategically located earth berms add to the aesthetic beauty of the facility while ensuring absolute privacy to all vehicles on the tracks or in testing areas. Parking areas, garages and offices can all be rented based on customer needs.

  • Road A - Straightaway

    Road A is a four lane straightaway that is 4,500 ft. (1,370m) in length. Two lanes run south and two lanes run north, with turn-around loops at both ends. Each set of lanes has a fast lane and a slow lane; brief stopping is allowed on the slow lane.

    • Straight, level, asphalt road
    • Four lanes wide
    • Turn-around loops at both ends
    • 4,500 ft. (1,370m) in length
    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.95 +/- 0.05

  • Road B - Low μ

    Road B features three separate testing surfaces – two tiled and one asphalt – each with different coefficients of friction. An underground sprinkler system is used to apply water on all three surfaces at the same time or separately.

    Low friction ceramic tiles (simulating ice)

    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.09 – 0.12 (wet)
    • 700 ft. (213m) in length
    • 30 ft. (9m) wide (at widest point)

    Middle friction basalt tiles (simulating snow)

    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.25 – 0.35 (wet)
    • 700 ft. (213m) in length
    • 51 ft. (15.5m) wide (at widest point)

    Asphalt surface (wet asphalt)

    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.80 +/- 0.05 (wet)
    • 350 ft. (107m) in length
    • Straight, level asphalt surface

    Approach to the tile surfaces

    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.95 +/- 0.05 (dry)
    • 1,350 ft. (411m) in length
    • Straight, level, asphalt road

  • Road C - Dynamic Pad

    A large, versatile asphalt pad meant for a variety of tests. 3 approach lanes give users flexibility to maneuver. Currently marked for 60mR, 50mR and 30mR., and single and double lane change. Contains a NHTSA lane departure confirmation test course – solid white, dashed yellow and bott’s dots.

    • Designed friction coefficient of 0.92 +/- 0.02
    • 3 separate approach/departure lanes – each 1,350 ft. (411m) long
    • Flat, level, asphalt circle
    • 1,000 ft. (305m) diameter

  • Road D - Oval Track

    A 3-mile (4.8 km) oval track, consisting of 2 lanes. The curves are a 7% grade with no banking. The north curve has a decreasing radius. Includes a staging area.

    • Two 12 ft. (3.5m) wide lanes
    • 7% grade in curves; no banking
    • South curve is 1,000 ft. (304m) radius
    • North curve has decreasing radius from 1,500 ft. (457m) to 1,000 ft. (304m)
    • Straightaways are 4,500 ft. (1,370m)

  • Handling Course

    Supports a wide range of development activities including vehicle dynamics, ride and handling, and many others.

    Handling Course Specifications and Features:

    • Asphalt surface with varying curves and elevation changes
    • Length: 1.4 miles (2.25Km)
    • Width: 2 lanes, each 12 foot (3.7m) wide
    • Optional wet section 1,700 feet (518m) in length

  • Special Surfaces and NVH

    A wide variety of unique ride events, featuring:
    High Speed Special Surfaces

    • Ride Comfort (4 unique roads)
    • Noise and Vibration
    • Patched Concrete

    Low Speed Special Surfaces

    • Harshness Bars
    • Belgian Blocks
    • Wavy Road
    • Step down/up
    • Bottoming/topping

  • Gravel Pad

    Gravel Pad
    Contains Michigan Department of Transportation standard specification M22A road gravel. Smooth, flat, gravel pad simulating real world conditions. This area is 600 ft. (182.9m) in length and 52 ft. (15.8m) wide.

  • Brake Hills

    Three separate graded hills located on the south end of Road A.
    Consists of 15%, 20% and 30% grades.

  • ADAS Pad

    A multi-purpose pad designed for testing and development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous technologies.

    • 300 ft. x 500 ft. (152m x 91m) multi-purpose dynamic pad
    • Designed friction coefficient 0.92 +/- 0.02
    • 2,300 ft. (701m) straightaway approach

  • ADAS City

    A multi-purpose facility designed for a variety of unique, real-world settings, specializing in autonomous testing.

    • 5 lane signaled intersection with configurable, timed V2X traffic signals
    • 2 lane, 100 ft. diameter round-about
    • Highway entry/exit, rural intersection, tunnel/overpass, pedestrian crosswalks
    • Supporting 3D GVT Vehicle Platform and Target, Pedestrian VRU platform, and both SSV and FCT/ADAC tow behind test rig systems

  • Operations & Garage/Office 2

    Garage & Office 2

    • 6,000 square-foot of garage
    • Fully stocked with hand and power tools
    • Two post and four post automotive lifts
    • Tire mounting and balancing equipment
    • Alignment rack
    • Well-equipped machine shop
    • Scales available upon request

  • Vehicle Evaluation & Garage/Office 3

    Our Vehicle Evaluation services provide specialized engineering services with the test equipment tools to support all your vehicle testing needs. For more information about our Vehicle Evaluation team and capabilities, please visit our Vehicle Evaluation Page.
    Garage & Office 3 are available for events and/or collaboration with our VE team.

    • 6,000 square-foot of garage
    • Two post automotive lift